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The last 4 weeks' talks from Okewood Church are available in a variety of ways. If you missed a talk, or just want to study it in more detail you can:

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Reading and sermon 10-12-2017 Barry Thomson

Kay Steel reading from Mark Chapter 1 Verses 1 to 8 and Barry Thomson talking on this reading.

Reading and sermon 26-11-2017 John Marsh

Kay Steel reading Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 31 to 46 and Rev John Marsh talking on this reading.

Sermon by Gill Christie on 22 Oct 2017

Sermon given by Gill Christie at St Margaret's on the reading of Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 15 to 22.

Reading and Sermon 29th October 2017 - John Marsh

Shirley Deighton reading Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 34 to 46 and John Marsh talking on this reading.

Reading and sermon 22-10-2017 Jan Moir

Amanda Elsdon-Dew reading Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 15 to 22 and Jan Moir talking on this reading.

Reading and sermon 15-10-2017 David Steel

Belinda Kerry reading from Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 1-14 and David Steel talking on the parable of the wedding banquet.

Baptism sermon by John Marsh

John Marsh talking on the raeding of Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 1 to 6 at the baptism of Beatrice Williams.

Sermon 24-9-2017 - Pete Deaves

Pete Deaves, the Curate from Rudgwick, talking on today's reading from Matthew Chapter 20 Verses 1 to 16.

Reading and sermon 10-09-2017 Barry Thomson

Liz Coleman reading Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 15 to 20 and Barry Thomson talking on this reading.

Reading and sermon 03-09-2017 Gill Christie

Eileen Saunders reading Matthew Chapter 16 from verse 21 and Gill Christie talking on this reading.

Some Mother's Son -The Untold

Shirley's moving account of trying to find out the circumstances of her son's death and how her faith has sustained her.
Taken from the BBC Radio 4 Series The Untold 

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