St Margaret's, Ockley

Website closing soon

As you may be aware, there has been a re-structuring of church parishes recently. As a result this website will soon be closing - don't worry, the churches won't be!

From now on, please visit the Capel & Ockley website for St. Margaret's news, and the Ewhurst with Okewood & Forest Green website for news of St. John's and Holy Trinity.

 A trust has been set up to look after this beautiful church. Click here to visit Friends of St. Margaret's Trust own website. We have put in a kitchen and coffee area, to make the church more warm and friendly.

St Margaret’s church, dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch, is believed to date from 1291. The original construction was simply a single aisle and sanctuary, of which probably only the south wall still remains. The porch was added around the 16th Century and the tower, despite its Norman appearance was added in 1700. The peal of six bells was hung in 1701. A replica of the tenor bell was shipped to America in 1752, and is now called ‘The Liberty Bell’ because it was rung to proclaim the Declaration of Independence.

Margaret’s used to have a gallery, but this was removed during major restoration work in 1872, together with the high box pews which were used for ‘the gentry’. The church was enlarged by the addition of the north aisle and vestry, an organ was installed to replace the barrel-organ and the chancel was extended.

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