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Kindred Spirits Women’s Breakfast – Sat 4th Feb 2017

Kindred Spirits kindly hosted another delicious breakfast at Ockley Cricket Pavilion on Sat 4 Feb.  The guest speaker was Virginia Gilpin whose talk was entitled “A Day in the Life of Witness Support”.  She really did enlighten us all as to what happens at Croydon Court (and others), and what a witness might expect – by the sounds of it a lot of confusion and waiting around.  It all sounded very daunting and actually pretty scary, but what a great comfort to know that there are people like Virginia, who can calmly and kindly direct you to the right court and the WC!  It must of course be nerve wracking in the first place just being a witness (especially if you are providing information on a crime against a neighbor or loved one, and are in regular contact with the defendants family & friends), arriving at an unfamiliar place and not being familiar with how the system works, and then having to wait and wait and wait until you are called into the court to give your statement.  Virginia really believes that God has called her to be there to provide friendly, confident & knowledgeable assistance to these people, at a time when they really need it.  Thank you Virginia and thank you as always to our chefs and all the Kindred Spirits team.  The next breakfast will be the Joint Men & Women’s Breakfast 8.30am at Oakwood Village Hall on Sat 18 April. 




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